Meet Our Team!

  • Captain Keener
    Captain Keener

    Born and raised in DuBois, Captain grew up with a radio in his ear before he could walk. He fell in love with it, and set off on a trek into the deep, dark, radio forest, and after much wandering, found my way to this bright spot on Passport. Captain Keener started in radio in 1989, and, with only a brief hiatus seeking the bright lights and Honky Tonks of Nashville, has been doing it ever since. He’s happy to bring you the morning show each weekday!

  • Chris

    Chris is an extremely handsome overachiever. Smart, intelligent, and has a real addictive personality. And, although he’s not writing this himself, Chris lives with his beautiful wife, Anne, and 4 wonderful children. He also has a pet cat named Attack Cat, If you’re wondering why this cat’s name is Attack Cat, just take a look at Chris’ hands to see all the claw and bite marks. Chris is ecstatic to be playing the music you and he grew up with! Please tune in and you’ll hear the enthusiasm in his voice. It’s very real!

  • Nancy Plum
    Nancy Plum

    From Chicago to Los Angeles to Atlanta to Frankfort, Nancy Plum has rocked across the country and back. Besides her many disc jockey gigs she was an airborne reporter over Southern California skies where she covered brush fires, earthquakes, and traffic stories for which she won awards. As she says “But it was enough excitement for a lifetime and I’m perfectly happy playing my favorite tunes in the afternoon right here on Passport Radio!

  • Mike Harvey
    Mike Harvey

    Mike Harvey is a man who’s lived and breathed, not just radio, but connecting to each listener for decades. From when he was 16, he was licensed and making a whopping $20 a week, to today when he spends his nights in your ear with the greatest hits by request. Mike loves what he does and loves doing it right here in this community, on Passport Radio, every weeknight 7pm-Midnight.

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