Hall & Oates ready to release new music

Hall & Oates ready to release new music

Hall & Oates ready to release new music

Hall & Oates are ready to make some new music. In an interview with “Rolling Stone” the duo share that once their summer tour with Squeeze is over, they plan to head into the studio to make a new record, which will be their first album of new music since 2003’s “Do It For Love.”

“I’m in the process right now of coming up with some ideas,” Daryl Hall shares. “I’ve been working with some people on them right now I don’t want to talk about yet.”

While John Oates says right now he’s too busy to work on new music, he notes, “I’m going to jump on board, for sure, but it’s in the early, preliminary days of it.” He adds that Daryl is “very excited” about it, sharing, “He’s found some young producers he’s kind of getting energized with.”

  • As for the tour, while this year marks their 50th year as a duo, they insist the trek isn’t an anniversary tour, and they don’t plan to commemorate it at all. “It’s the same reason I don’t go to f**kin’ high school reunions,” Hall says. “I’m not into celebrations or milestones or awards of any of that crap. It’s all about the work to me.” 
  • Hall & Oates and Squeeze are set to play Hershey, Pennsylvania on February 26th and New York’s Madison Square Garden on the 28th. Their summer tour kicks off May 29th in Los Angeles, California.

 Source: Rolling Stone


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