Fresh ideas for Father’s Day

Fresh ideas for Father’s Day

Fresh ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is sneaking up on us again and June 16th will be here before we know it. There are all kinds of ways to celebrate Dad and if you’re looking for something different this year, why not start a new Father’s Day tradition? These ideas are fairly easy to pull off and you can keep them going year after year for the dads in your life.

  • Serve him breakfast in bed – Moms aren’t the only ones who like this special treat, so bring Dad his morning meal in bed and let him stay there to watch TV or read the paper.
  • Write him a handwritten letter – Spend a few minutes collecting your thoughts and feelings about the dad in your life and instead of sending him a text, write it all down in a letter and he’ll really appreciate that.
  • Donate to his favorite charity in his name – Support a cause that Dad is passionate about and keep the tradition going by giving to them year after year on Father’s Day.
  • Treat him to a spa day – Pamper Dad and give him some TLC, even if he doesn’t want a massage and a facial, he might like a trip to the barber for a trim and shave.
  • Make it a family reunion – Father’s Day is a great excuse to get the whole family together to celebrate all the dads and be sure to capture the memories with a photo every year.
  • Plan an outing for him and his dad friends – Sure, Dad loves spending time with you, but he’d probably enjoy getting to go have a beer with the fellas for a few hours, too.
  • Get outdoors – Get off the couch and take Dad on an adventure in the great outdoors. Go on a bike ride, have a picnic, or whatever outside activity Dad would like to spend his day doing.

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