Elton John took home another Oscar

Elton John took home another Oscar

Elton John took home another Oscar

Elton John has another Oscar to add to his mantle. The singer and writing partner Bernie Taupin took home the Best Original Song Award last night for their “Rocketman” tune “(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again.” 

“Thank you to Bernie who’d been the constant thing in my life, when I was screwed up, when I was normal, he’s always been there for me,” Elton shared, before adding about his husband David Furnish, “I love you so much,” and telling his sons he loves them. “This is a dream for us,” he added, “we’ve never been nominated before for anything like this.”

As for Bernie, he shared that the award is “justification for 53 years of just hammering it out and doing what we do.”

  • Elton, who previously won an Oscar for his “The Lion King” tune “Can You Feel The Love Tonight,” performed the song sitting at his red piano and donning a purple suit, with pink and yellow sneakers. One person who didn’t join him was the film’s star, Taron Egerton.

The show featured several amazing performances from this category. Cynthia Erivo wowed the audience with her performance of the “Harriet” tune “Stand Up,” while Idina Menzel sang the “Frozen” song “Into the Unknown,” joined by actresses who voice Elsa from different countries. Randy Newman was on hand to perform his “Toy Story 4” track “I Can’t Let You Throw Yourself Away,” while Chrissy Metz performed the “Breakthrough” song “I’m Standing With You,” which was written by Diane Warren.


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