Beatles Discussed “Abbey Road” Follow-Up

Beatles Discussed “Abbey Road” Follow-Up

Beatles Discussed “Abbey Road” Follow-Up

Leading up to the release of the 50th-anniversary edition of The Beatles’ “Abbey Road” later this month, we’re getting a whole new perspective on the making of the original record. While accounts of the group’s history have always suggested that they knew “Abbey Road” was their swan song, a newly unearthed recording reveals that they had actually discussed a follow-up.

Beatles author-historian Mark Lewisohn discovered the recording, which will be used for his upcoming stage show “Hornsey Road.” The tape features a band meeting held two weeks before the release of “Abbey Road” – at the time, Ringo Starr was in the hospital, so John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison recorded the discussion for him to listen back.

They talk about each member contributing a couple of songs to a brand new record… and things get a little heated, like McCartney saying Harrison’s songs “weren’t that good” until “Abbey Road,” and Lennon quipping that McCartney’s track “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” wasn’t that good either. The recording also challenges the idea that Lennon is the one who wanted to break up the group. Check out more info about the tape HERE.

Source: The Guardian


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