AC/DC confirmed their reunion! Veteran singer Brian Johnson, drummer Phil Rudd, and bassist Cliff Williams all rejoined the band after a break for several years. A new photo of the band shows them looking older but energized, with lead guitarist Angus Young still rocking the schoolboy outfit at 65. Teasers indicate a new album called Pwr Up may be coming soon, but no official announcement was made.

The reunion seemed unlikely a few years ago. Guitarist Malcolm Young, the group’s leader, and Angus Young’s brother, died in 2017 after years of dementia. He was replaced by nephew Stevie Young, who fills out the current lineup on rhythm guitar. On the group’s last tour in 2016, Johnson had effectively lost his hearing and was replaced for a time by Axl Rose. Rudd was replaced for that tour after he was found guilty of drug possession and violent threats and sentenced to 8 months’ home detention.