Prince fans are getting another taste of the upcoming “Sign O’ The Times” reissue. The latest is an early take of the track “Forever In My Life.” The new version is dubbed “Forever in My Life (Early Vocal Studio Run-Through),” with “early” referring to the time of day the track was recorded.

“He had been up all night and he came upstairs. It was like 7:00 in the morning and he grabbed my hand and said ‘follow me’, and so I followed him downstairs,” Susannah Melvoin, Prince’s fiancée at the time, shared. “The sun was coming through the stained-glass windows and he pressed play, and that song came on and I looked at him and I got teary-eyed. And that was it. He didn’t have to say anything.”

The massive “Sign O’ The Times” reissue is due out September 25th. Check out the song above.