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Cat Steves fans are getting a taste of new unreleased music

Yusef/Cat Stevens fans just got some new music. Well, new old music. The singer just shared the previously unreleased track “Butterfly,” which was recorded for his 1978 album “Back to Earth.” The singer is set to re-release “Back To Earth” as a five-CD box set on April 10th. The new release will feature a remastered [...]

Ever wanted your ice cream to have a little more…. booze?

If you like your ice cream flavors with a kick, the new additions to Häagen-Dazs’ boozy Spirits Collection are here for you. The ice cream brand just confirmed that they’re adding two new flavors to the line: Whiskey Hazelnut Latte and Rosé & Cream. We made a lot of delicious memories in the past year. […]

For Bob Marley’s Birthday – The family released new music [watch]

Bob Marley would have turned 75 this month and in honor of the occasion the Marley family, Universal Music and Island Records have released a new video for the classic Bob Marley and the Wailers’ track “Redemption Song.” The video features 2747 original drawings, which uses symbols to represent the song's timeless lyrics and importance [...]

Mid-Day naps can do wonders for you!

For a lot of people there’s that point in the middle of the day where even a few minutes of a snooze would do wonders, and a new survey reveals those naps could be a really good thing.  The poll finds that nappers describe themselves in more positive ways than those who don’t. For example: […]