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Cheap and Easy ways to ‘self-care’ from home

“Self-care” is a buzzword we hear all the time, but it’s not just an excuse to justify indulgences. Having a three-scoop sundae may be tasty, but it’s not really self-care. But you don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive massages or weekend retreats to ease stress and take care of yourself. When you’re short […]

Remembering Woodstock, these were the best songs of 1969

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, which is this weekend, “Billboard” has come out with their staff’s picks of the best songs of 1969, and some of the choices may surprise you.  Topping the list is The Zombies “Time of the Season,” which peaked at number three on the “Billboard” Hot 100. The […]

Coca Cola announced their holiday flavors – Cinnamon & Cranberry

Coca-Cola has announced two new upcoming flavors in honor of the holiday season, and neither of them are pumpkin spice. Instead, the soda company is skipping right past Halloween and getting a head start on the Christmas season by announcing two new holiday-themed takes on its iconic sodas. The company plans to debut both Coca-Cola […]