Cleaning hacks to shrink your work time

Cleaning hacks to shrink your work time

Cleaning hacks to shrink your work time

Doing a deep, thorough house cleaning can feel good, at least when you’re all finished, but we don’t always have the time to spend hours scrubbing and dusting. But you can fake a tidy home if you know the right tips and tricks. Make your house look clean in minutes, not hours, with these clever hacks professional home stagers use.

  • Pull out that hand steamer – Get rid of grime on shower doors or curtains by using a handheld clothing steamer.
  • Pick up a magic eraser -Scuffs or scratches on walls that could signal to buyers that a home hasn’t been taken care of, but a Magic Eraser can quickly clean them off.
  • Try some toothpaste – Need to hide a nick or tiny hole on white walls in a hurry? Skip the spakle for now and use a dab of toothpaste to patch it.
  • Clean up your cords – Tidy up the mess of phone chargers and appliance cords by running them along baseboards.
  • Let the outside in – Open the windows to get some fresh air inside and clear out bad odors and bring in some plants for a clean, calm feeling.
  • Grab the baking soda – Sofa smelling a little funky? Sprinkle some baking soda on the fabric, let it sit for 15 minutes, then vacuum it up.
  • When all else fails: Hide it – Disguise ugly electrical sockets or other unsightly features by covering them up with something more attractive, like framed art or a big potted plant.

Source: Apartment Therapy

BONUS: Doing light physical activity such as cooking or washing dishes each day is enough to substantially lower the risk of early death, a new study suggests. When the intensity of physical activity increased to a moderate level, a similarly steep decrease in deaths occurred up to a plateau of just 24 minutes a day. Moderate-intensity activities include brisk walking, vacuuming or mowing the lawn. In contrast, the study found that sitting for 9.5 hours or more each day was linked with a significantly higher risk of death.


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