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Heinz did the unthinkable, combing Mayo with Cadbury Eggs

When Heinz Mayo tweeted that they created Heinz Cadbury Creme Mayonnaise, we all naturally assumed it was a joke. They posted the news on April Fool’s Day, so it really seemed like a prank. But it turns out, we were wrong. On April 2nd, the company went ahead and confirmed on Twitter that this odd […]

Mich Jagger recovering from heart surgery

Mick Jagger was due to undergo heart surgery last week, and sources tell “Billboard” the procedure has been completed and was successful. Mick underwent a heart valve replacement, and sources say doctors are now monitoring him for any possible complications. He is expected to rest at least four of five days in order for his […]

Prepare for new music from The Kinks!

Ahead of kicking off his solo tour tomorrow in Collingswood, New Jersey, Dave Davies has revealed that he has more on the slate with The Kinks. In a new interview, the guitarist says that he and Ray Davies are working on another album. The two have been working on unfinished archival tracks for the past […]

Ozzy Osbourne will postpone at 2019 tour dates because of injury

Ozzy Osbourne will postpone all his 2019 tour dates as he recovers from an injury sustained while dealing with his recent bout of pneumonia. The 70-year-old singer fell at his Los Angeles home, aggravating old injuries from a 2003 ATV accident that required surgery last month. He will remain under doctor’s care in L.A. as […]

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