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Can you guess what state people moved from MOST in 2018? Was it PA?

Ohio, Massachusetts, Iowa, Montana and Michigan rounded out the list of the “most moved from” states. Vermont – whose population is the second-smallest in the nation — was the only Northeast state that made the “most moved to” list, topping the list with 72.6% of its movers making inbound migrations. Four Western states filled out […]

Olivia Newton John’s rep blasts “near death” rumors

Olivia Newton-John‘s manager has spoken out after rumors swirled that the singer and actress, 70, is close to death. An earlier report claimed her health had rapidly deteriorated and that she was “clinging on to life” to see her daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, get married early this year. “Olivia’s bodily functions appear to be shutting down, […]

Starting the year with a Dry January makes a real difference

Last year, 816 people participated in a “Dry January” study, where they abstained from drinking alcohol for the first month of 2018. A team of researchers asked them to take three self-reported surveys: one on registration day, one during the first week of February and a final follow-up in August. Eight months later, participants were […]

HACK OF THE WEEK: Great Ways to Reuse Bread Tags

What to do with the plastic tags that keep plastic bread bags closed? Lots of things! Check out some of the easy re-purposing ideas below (and check the link for more): -Use them to identify the different wires behind your computer or TV. -Mark your plants with them in your garden. -Affix to the end […]

Eat these to have have a lucky and prosperous 2019

Some foods are known for bringing good luck in the coming year when you eat them on New Year’s Day. And even people who aren’t that superstitious may fill up on black-eyed peas and collard greens, the traditional southern dishes to eat on January 1st, because why tempt fate? The peas are supposed to bring […]