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HACK OF THE WEEK: How To Never Lose Your Keys Again

If losing your keys is a frequent problem, here are some Good Housekeeping hacks to make sure it never happens again (check the link for more): Paint them with glow-in-the-dark paint so you see them better at night or in the bottom of your purse. Get a gadget like Tile, which uses a small square […]

See the Bohemian Rhapsody Sing-a-long version in theaters now

More than 750 theaters across North America will add the special screenings, which will show a special version of the film that includes the lyrics to all the songs on screen. The movie is the highest-grossing music biopic of all time, despite mixed critical reviews, but audience reactions have been largely positive. In fact, many […]

Bob Dylan Documentary coming to Netflix this year

Martin Scorsese is prepping a new Netflix documentary about the career of Bob Dylan. The film, titled Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese, documents Dylan’s 1975-1976 tour, the Rolling Thunder Revue, and is expected to include concert footage as well as interviews. Dylan will also sit down for a rare on-camera […]

These Things Are Turning 50 This Year!

Mental Floss has compiled a list of 50 historical events that took place in 1969 and are turning 50 this year. Here are 10 of them (see full list at the link): First manned moon landing. On July 21, Neil Armstrong became the first person to step onto the lunar surface, with Buzz Aldrin following […]

What to Watch in 2019

Need help figuring out which of the dozens (or hundreds?) of superb TV shows you need to watch in 2019? Here are the top shows to binge from The A.V. Club: (CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM ALL) True Detective A Discovery of Witches Marvel’s The Punisher Carmen Sandiego Black Monday I Am the Night Miracle […]