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HACK OF THE WEEK: Snow Shoveling

Here are some helpful tips for shoveling snow this season! 1. Spray the shovel with cooking oil. Extra snow sticking to the shovel will just make this task harder, so spray the shovel with cooking spray so it will slide right off! 2. Lay out tarp before it snows. This is the lazy way out… […]

Want to spend the summer in Italy for free? Here’s your shot!!

If you’ve always dreamed of spending the summer in Italy, this could be your shot. Airbnb is sponsoring an Italian Sabbatical program that will send four lucky winners to the village of Grottole in southern Italy for three months this summer. During the all expenses paid getaway, winners will explore the area, which includes 10th-century […]

12 Tax Deductions You Should Know About for 2019

Tax season is always stressful, but between the government shutdown and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act going into effect, it’s going to be quite an interesting few months. Some of the biggest changes come to tax deductions, or things that knock off money from the amount of your taxable income. The standard deduction is […]

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