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The Trendy “When Way” Diet

Here’s a new diet plan to help you stick to your resolution! The When Way diet was created by preventative medicine physician Dr. Michael Crupain and internist and anesthesiologist Dr. Michael Roizen. It focuses on “chrononutrition” – which is the idea that your biological clock regulates your metabolism, just like it controls your sleep cycle. […]

See the top vinyl records sold in 2018

Nielsen Music said vinyl music sales grew by 14.6% last year, with Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and the Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1 soundtrack among the top sellers. The Guardians album was the overall top-selling LP of 2018, moving about 84,000 copies. Jackson’s album Thriller took the second spot with 84,000, while […]

Cleaning Tips To Help Stop Spreading The Flu

When it comes to the flu, diligence in disinfecting is key for keeping your whole family from getting sick! It’s all about the surfaces of the house and keeping your “patient” in bed. HERE ARE A FEW QUICK TIPS: Quarantine the sick person. Their germs can spread as far as six feet! The flu virus […]

Science might have proven dogs know what we’re saying

Researchers have confirmed what dog owners have long suspected — that dogs may know exactly what we mean when we use certain words or phrases. The study used brain imaging to probe how dogs process words they have been taught to associate with objects. Researchers trained 12 dogs of different breeds to retrieve two different […]

Most Americans gave their pet a new year’s resolution [watch]

The most common resolutions for pets? Exercising more (56%), trying a new activity (49%), losing weight (49%), better hygiene (47%) and more playtime (44%). The survey found that 71% of pet owners view the new year as a chance to help their pet get healthier. This makes sense, considering that 62% of pet owners said […]