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What’s okay to buy cheap? What should we spend good money on?

A new study of 2,000 Americans uncovered what things we’re okay spending money on, and what things it’s ok to buy cheap. Results showed we’re willing to shell out for toilet paper, coffee, and toothpaste, but we cheap out and save money when it comes to hand soap, wine, and even eating out. (See other […]

Need a little boost in confidence? See what helps Americans most! [watch]

Confidence boosters aren’t as few and far between as you’d think, with the average American saying they experience two confidence boosters every day. 12:30 p.m. was pinpointed as the time of day where Americans are most confident, with summer being the most confident season. Spending time with a hobby, reading a good book, and getting […]


Hotel rooms can be hit or miss. With that in mind, BuzzFeed has compiled a list of handy hotel hacks that will take a mediocre room to the next level. Here are my favs… -Steph 1. Close the weird gap in your blackout curtains with the clips of a hanger. 2. Attach your car’s air […]

Halloween Display Is So Real 911 Is Called

Dispatchers received an emergency call late last week when someone thought a plane crash set-up was real in the Pickerington area. Violet Township Fire and the Ohio State Highway Patrol say they responded to Delbert Holsinger’s home but quickly realized it was a Halloween display after seeing the skeleton pilot and witch passenger. Holsinger is […]

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